13 amazing stats and facts about this year's All-Star teams (2024)

July 8th, 2024

13 amazing stats and facts about this year's All-Star teams (1)

Sarah Langs


It’ll be a star-studded group on the field for the 2024 All-Star Game presented by Mastercard next Tuesday at Globe Life Field in Texas. By definition, the Midsummer Classic always puts the game’s top players on display, of course, and this year is no exception. With full All-Star rosters announced Sunday, it’s time to dig into the relevant context.

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Here are 13 stats & facts about the 2024 All-Star rosters.

Reserves revealed
- The Phillies lead the way with seven All-Stars -- Jeff Hoffman, Matt Strahm, Ranger Suárez, Zack Wheeler, Alec Bohm, Bryce Harper and Trea Turner. That’s their most in a season in franchise history, surpassing their prior best of five, done six times, most recently in 2011.

- Four of those Phillies are pitchers, tied for the most by a team in a year. It’s happened seven previous times, by the 2021 Brewers, 2011 Giants, 2010 Yankees, 2008 Cubs, 2001 Yankees, 1996 Braves and 1942 Reds.

- The Dodgers have the second-most, with six All-Stars. It’s the fifth straight All-Star team with at least five Dodgers reps. That’s tied for the fifth-longest such streak, per Elias. They trail only the 1956-65 Yankees (10), 1936-43 Yankees (eight), 1942-49 Cardinals (seven) and 1949-54 Dodgers (six).

- Heliot Ramos was a MLB Pipeline preseason top 100 prospect for four straight years: 2021’s No. 81, 2020’s No. 65, 2019’s No. 92 and 2018’s No. 63. Now, in 2024, he’s an All-Star in his age-24 season. He’s the Giants’ youngest All-Star by age-season since Joe Panik in 2015 and their youngest such outfielder since Chili Davis in 1984. Development isn’t always linear. Baseball is so hard. But stories like this are why it’s the best.

- Luis Arraez is an All-Star for the third straight season, with a third different team. So is Juan Soto, who was named a starter on Wednesday. Before them, just eight players had made the All-Star Game in three straight seasons with three different teams, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. They were 2013-15 Nelson Cruz, 2005-07 Alfonso Soriano, 2004-06 Paul Lo Duca, 1993-95 Lee Smith, 1976-78 Goose Gossage, 1954-56 Jim Wilson, 1948-50 Walker Cooper and 1942-44 Bob Johnson.

- Mookie Betts joined Fernando Tatis Jr., who was named on Wednesday, as players who have now been All-Stars as both outfielders and shortstops. Only three other players have been selected to an All-Star team in separate seasons, at least once as primarily a SS that year entering the ASG, and at least once as primarily an OF: Harvey Kuenn, Tom Tresh and Ian Desmond, per Elias.

The rookies
- On July 9, 2023, Paul Skenes was drafted No. 1 overall. Just under a year later, he was named an All-Star. Skenes is the first player to be an All-Star the year after being drafted in the June amateur draft, per Elias.

- With Shota Imanaga and Skenes, this is just the 10th season with multiple rookie starting pitcher All-Stars, according to Elias. Add in Mason Miller, and it’s the seventh season with at least three rookie pitcher All-Stars, joining 2019 (John Means, Michael Soroka, Sandy Alcantara), 2012 (Wade Miley, Ryan Cook, Yu Darvish), 2011 (Jordan Walden, Aaron Crow, Craig Kimbrel, Michael Pineda), 2003 (Lance Carter, Mike MacDougal, Dontrelle Willis), 1995 (Carlos Perez, Tyler Green, Hideo Nomo) and 1955 (Herb Score, Luis Arroyo, Sam Jones).

- Now add Jackson Merrill, and this is the ninth season with at least four rookie All-Stars, with five in 2019 and ‘12 being the most. It’s the second straight season with at least four rookie All-Stars. The only other time it’s happened in consecutive seasons was 2011-12.

Starting squads
- As announced Wednesday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a starter. It’s his fourth All-Star selection overall. His father made it nine times. Guerrero Sr. and Jr. are the second father-son duo to each be All-Stars at least four times, joining Gus (four times) and Buddy (five) Bell, per Elias.

- This will be Jose Altuve’s fifth All-Star Game start, breaking a tie with Craig Biggio for most in Astros’ franchise history. The only players with more seasons making an All-Star start at second base are Ryne Sandberg (nine), Roberto Alomar (nine), Rod Carew (eight), Nellie Fox (seven), Joe Morgan (seven), Charlie Gehringer (six) and Billy Herman (six).

- This will be Aaron Judge’s fifth season making an All-Star Game start, the fourth-most seasons doing so among Yankees outfielders, trailing only Mickey Mantle (11), Joe DiMaggio (nine) and Dave Winfield (seven). Judge and Soto will be the second Yankees OF duo to be All-Star starters in the same year in the last three seasons, along with 2022 Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Before this, it hadn’t happened for the Yankees since 1985-88 Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield.

- Bryce Harper has started five All-Star Games in the outfield and will start this year at first base. The only other players with at least five All-Star starts in the outfield to also make an infield ASG start are Henry Aaron (16 OF, 1 1B), Stan Musial (10 OF, 4 1B) and Carl Yastrzemski (6 OF, 1 1B). Just 13 players entering 2024 have started at least one All-Star game in both the outfield and infield in their careers. Harper will join the list this year.

13 amazing stats and facts about this year's All-Star teams (2024)
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